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Partials, or partial dentures, help restore the jaw by replacing missing teeth with a combination of metal and acrylic, all formed to fit right into your mouth. Partial dentures give a natural look to your smile while also restoring the integrity of your jawline, gums, and teeth. Who qualifies for partial dentures? How do they help restore the mouth? How do they need to be taken care of? In this article, we’ll inform you of everything you need to know about partial dentures, how they are made, and whether or not you need them the most.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Partial dentures have replacement teeth attached to a metal or acrylic base to match the color of your gums. They’re less invasive options that typically are less expensive. Partial dentures restore the functionality of the mouth by keeping the gums healthy, the teeth in line, and the jaw sturdy. Partial dentures can also be easily replaced and adjusted according to how your jaw and mouth have grown and reshaped over time.

How are Partial Dentures Made?

When a dentist develops dentures, the process typically takes a few weeks throughout several appointments. Once your dentist determines what kind of denture will work best, they will first make a series of impressions of your mouth, including your teeth and gums, and measure how much space is in between them. Next, your dentist will create models, plastic patterns, or wax forms for the dentures and allow you to try the models several times before the final denture is cast. After your dentist molds the denture and makes minor adjustments, you’ll have a complete set of partial dentures explicitly made for you.

Who Needs a Partial Denture?

When you lose an adult tooth, the adjacent teeth surrounding the space can potentially drift and tilt into the area, making it harder to clean your teeth. When the teeth and jawline try to compensate for the missing tooth, tooth decay and gum disease will become a more likely issue in the long run. For those who are older, the chin will move upward and forward. The gums and other soft tissues of the mouth will shrink, and the muscles supporting the mouth will lose their ability to hold their strength and thus cause facial collapse. Partial dentures keep the structures of the mouth active, rebuilding the muscles and allowing the teeth to realign back into place.

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