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Ideally, a trip to your dentist should happen every six months or so, but for some people, it has been a great deal longer than that. If it’s been years since you’ve seen a dentist, or maybe you’ve never seen one at all, you may wonder exactly what happens during your dental visit. Check-ups are fairly routine affairs that can go a long way towards preserving the long-term health of your teeth and gums. Here we’ll introduce you to what’s involved with a dental check-up.

What Should I Be Looking Forward To During My Checkup?

Your check-up will involve a few simple elements, starting with a brief conversation with your hygienist about your dental history and habits. You may also get imaging done at this point, depending on how things will proceed. When the dentist arrives they’ll do a more in-depth examination based on the information made available from the hygienist and his own observations. They’ll be looking for gingivitis, cavities, abscesses, periodontitis, and other dental hygiene concerned, as well as ways you can improve your dental care at home.

What Happens After My Checkup?

What follows is largely based on what happened during the check-up. In some cases your dentist may simply tell you to follow the advice they’ve given you and that they’ll see you in six months. In others, it may be necessary to schedule one or more appointments to address the concerns they found during their examination. It’s essential that you follow the advice of your hygienist and dentist to maintain optimum dental health and avoid potentially painful complications that can occur with poor dental health.

What Should I Do Between Check-Ups?

Between checkups, you’re going to want to maintain a solid dental hygiene routine, and ensure you have the equipment at home to do so. You’ll need a toothbrush and a flossing tool at the bare minimum, and mouthwash is often an excellent idea. With these, you should follow a regime of brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, with mouthwash being used every time you brush.

Why Are Dental Check-Ups Important?

Dental checkups provide an in-depth examination of your dental health by a professional, giving them an opportunity to identify concerns before they become serious. While the most basic concerns can be hygiene concerns that can cause cavities and gum disease, it’s also an opportunity for them to look for complications with your Temporomandibular Joint, and most pressingly the presence of oral cancer. Regular trips to the dentist can literally save your life.

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