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Bob Dokhanchi

The evolution of dental technology has allowed the dentistry profession to progress to a level at which smiles can be improved for nearly anyone, including both adults and children and those with damaged teeth. From digital x-rays to new types of braces and dental appliances, dental work these days has come a very long way from 100 or so years ago.

The Early Days of Dentistry

It appears that throughout history, even in ancient times, mankind has wanted to improve its smile and people have developed dental tools and modification devices for teeth and jaws to correct that smile for hundreds of years. According to historical experts, dentistry has likely developed over a period of at least 90 centuries. The Egyptians and Babylonian peoples developed crude tools and modifications to the teeth for beauty and health. Bow and flint tip drills, golden bridges and filling capped with metal or metal or jewels were some of the ancient methods for teeth repair. Advances eventually led to better wood and metal dental devices. Digital X-Rays have developed better technology and more dentists continue to replace film X-Rays. The Middle Ages actually produced a dedicated profession with key figures like Artzney Buchlein. From amalgams found in China in 700 to French Ambrose Pare’s published work in tooth decay in the late 1500s, the Middle Ages was the precursor to the development of an industry. The 19th century saw innovation after a period of profession building across Europe. Advances kicked into high gear during the industrial revolution and beyond to present day.

Dentistry Today

Now dentists have many modern tools at their disposal including digital x-rays, cameras that can reach places in the mouth not possible before, improved surgery and invisible braces just to name a few of the advances. At clinics in cities like Aurora, IL, you can find dentists like Dr. Dokhanchi at Fox Valley Dental. Aurora dentist Dr. Bob Dokhanchi has seen many of the changes through the years in dental technology. This modern era of exponential growth in technology will mean even more improvement, he thinks.

Dental technology today consists of a broad range of tools used by dentists and appliances installed for patients. Microscopes and lasers have many applications in dental technology today. Handheld cameras with microscope lenses are used to view the inside of the patients’ mouth in places that were not possible to view previously. Laser technology found its place in the dentists’ office in the 1990s. Lasers are used by some dentists to treat tooth decay and other issues but the technology is still being more widely studied and developed for ADA approval. What are often referred to as “invisible braces” or “adult braces” have also been developed and are in wide use.

Here are some modern tools and procedures that are important in the dental industry:

  • Air abrasion used as an alternative to drilling
  • Autogenous bone replacement
  • Cadavers (organic bone replacement from human or animal)
  • Bone grafting
  • Computer assisted design or manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • CAT Scans
  • Composite resin dental appliances and dental implants
  • Diagnodent to detect cavities early
  • Desensitizers to make dental treatment more comfortable

Visit Bob Dokhanchi, DDS to schedule a dental appointment. You can discuss all of the various dental treatment options available in Aurora, CO to see which one is best for your particular situation or you can just schedule a checkup or teeth cleaning. Modern dental technology can help put the best smile on your face, whether you are an adult or a child. We treat patients like family and ensure the most comfortable experience while in our dental clinic.


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