Periodontal disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis | Dentist Aurora

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Periodontal disease, or gum disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are a systemic inflammatory disorder, which is how they have a connection. Both diseases frustrate the immune system and attacks its own tissues, eventually leading to tooth loss and pain of joints. Learn about the connection and what you can do to protect your overall health. […]

The Truth Behind “Natural Whitening” Fads | Aurora Dentist

It seems like there is a new headline nearly every week featuring someone who swears their teeth are whiter and brighter due to their natural home remedy for stain removal. These articles showcase the idea that whitening can be cheap and easy, if in some cases unpleasant. It can be tempting to consider trying for […]

Silence Isn’t Always Golden | Dentist in Aurora

Periodontal (gum) disease is a progressive inflammation of the gum tissue. It is most frequently caused by bacterial infection. Left untreated, gum disease can have serious consequences for your oral and overall health.  However, one of the biggest challenges for early detection and treatment of gum disease is its silence. Gum disease can often begin […]

Dentistry – Past, Present, and Future | Dentist in Aurora

“Tooth worms” are the cause of tooth decay. That was the headline of a Sumerian text from around 5,000 B.C.E. Fortunately, the dental industry has evolved since then and we know “tooth worms” don’t exist. Here’s how dentistry has evolved into the comfortable, safe, and beneficial science of today. Dentist in Aurora – In the […]

Dentist in Aurora IL | How to Prevent Dry Socket

Alveolar osteitis, more commonly known as dry socket, is a temporary complication that can occur following a tooth extraction. Fortunately, it is rare, preventable, and short-lived. Here are some tips to help avoid dry socket after oral surgery and ensure a quick and comfortable recovery. What is Dry Socket? When your tooth is extracted, a […]

Dentist in Aurora | Stained Teeth

Many people want a smile they can be proud of and one way to achieve a dazzling smile is to have pearly white teeth. However, in order to maintain a bright smile, the Aurora dentist says you should be mindful of the types of things you consume. Because of certain factors, some foods or beverages […]

What Is Gum Disease? | Aurora Dentist

Gum disease is a common topic of discussion when it comes to dental care. You’ll hear it mentioned in advertisements for dental products and warned about by your dentist. For all the conversations that happen surrounding it, you may not have a clear understanding of the details surrounding this threat to your dental health. In […]

Two Types Of Dental Extractions | Aurora, IL Dentist

When your dentist has done everything they can to save a tooth, the next option they may present to you will be an extraction. Something you may not know is that there are actually two forms of dental extraction, the simple extraction and surgical extraction. Which extraction style is used is determined by the needs […]

What is a CBCT Scan, and Why Do I Need One? | Dentist Near Me

Dental x-rays have a convenient way of providing dentists with the information they need about their patient’s teeth. Normal x-ray machines focus on providing information about teeth through 2D methods, helping dentists diagnose problems in the teeth and jaws, showing signs of decay, bone loss, root canal infections, and cysts. Among these x-rays, two popular […]

Dental Emergency First Aid That Can Save Your Teeth | Dentist in 60506

When people talk about first aid, they’re usually overlooking one crucial part of the body. Dental emergencies happen, and knowing the proper first aid steps to take when they do can save your tooth. There’s a lot of old wives’ tales out there about how to properly take care of these events when they do […]