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A sports mouth guard (also known as mouth protector or mouth guard) is a device that is usually worn over someone’s teeth in order to protect one from the impact that may be caused by knockbacks to the head or face.

They are a very essential part of athletic gear for anyone who is taking part in sport that includes falls, flying objects or a lot of body contact. Examples of these sports include; baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, mountain biking, gymnastics, boxing, skateboarding, and any action that may generally result to harm to the mouth.

How Do they Work?

They usually shield the higher teeth and are also set up in order to defend against damaged teeth, bruised lips and any damage that may affect your mouth. Mouth protection is also highly encouraged if you use braces or any supplementary piece of dental equipment like bridges on your lower jaw.

Why should you Wear a Mouth guard?

If it comes to protecting your mouth, a mouth guard is a very important piece of athletic gear that should be part of your standard gear from an early age. Individuals who take part in collision sports such as boxing are at a higher risk of injury. However, anyone who is taking part in other sports such as gymnastics is at risk as well.

Types of Mouth Guards

It doesn’t matter what sort of mouth guard you pick, the bottom line should be one that is; resilient, comfortable and tear resistant. In addition, it has to fit well and not confine your breathing or speech in any way. The following are the types of mouth guard;

Boil and Bite Mouth guards

They come in pre-formed figure that can easily be changed by boiling it in water. You can then bite the warm plastic so that it can be customized in a way that it fits.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards

These one are made for an individual at a dentist. They provide you with the most comfortable solution for a mouth guard. They fit well and therefore give you great protection. Most athletes prefer these ones. When you visit the dentist in Aurora, you will have one just designed for you.

Stock Mouth Guards

They are cheap and come pre-made and ready for use. The only hindrance that you may be faced with this one’s is that they do not fit properly, can be large and may cause breathing and talking a little complicated.

What is the Lifespan of a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard should be substituted after every season or after half a season. This is due to the fact that they wear out over time. This makes them less operative. For kids, it is very important to replace them often because they keep growing up and therefore the mouth guards need to be adjusted each time.

In addition, a mouth guard should be taken care of every time it’s used. Rinse after and before using it or brush it with a toothpaste. In addition, it has to be kept in a clean container that has no vents as well as leaving it in the sun or hot water when not being used.

Many of the professional sport people have their mouth guards checked or replaced when they go for their 6-moth checkup at the dentist. Contact Fox Valley Dental for your today!

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