Emergency Dentist in Aurora: Urgent Dental Care Services

Our emergency dentist in Aurora, IL, offers emergency dental care to those in need. Whether you are experiencing a toothache, gum swelling, or any other type of oral discomfort, our team is here to help. We offer same-day and next-day emergency appointments for urgent dental treatments so that you can get the care you need as soon as possible.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a specialized form of dental care that provides expedited treatment when you have an urgent problem. It focuses on quickly resolving pain and other symptoms that require immediate attention. Common issues addressed by emergency dentists include abscessed teeth, severe dental pain, cracked teeth, broken fillings, and lost tooth crowns. Other dental services provided can include tooth extractions, root canals, and the placement of temporary fillings.

Benefits of Seeking Immediate Treatment

When it comes to oral health, the sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances are of avoiding further complications or even permanent damage. Timely intervention can reduce the amount of pain and discomfort, as well as prevent costly restorative treatments down the line. Other benefits of seeking emergency dental care include preserving your natural teeth, limiting the spread of infection, and preventing further damage to existing dental work.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need immediate attention, don’t hesitate to contact our office right away. Our team will be happy to provide you with the care you need to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies and How To Handle Them

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is one of the most common types of dental emergencies. If this happens to you, it’s important to act quickly and seek emergency care. Here are some tips on how to handle a knocked-out tooth:

  • Find the Tooth: First, carefully inspect the area where you believe it might be. If you can locate the missing tooth, pick it up by the crown, being sure not to touch the root.
  • Rinse and Preserve: Gently rinse the tooth with water, taking care not to scrub or force any debris away. If possible, try to place it back in its socket. Otherwise, keep it moist in a container of milk or saliva.
  • Seek Professional Help: Contact our emergency dentist immediately to ensure the best possible outcome.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess is an infection caused by bacteria that has spread to the root of a tooth, leading to severe pain and swelling. Symptoms can include fever, foul-tasting discharge, and a swollen jaw. If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth, it’s important to get an urgent treatment right away. Left untreated, an abscessed tooth can cause serious health problems and even bone loss.

Severe Toothache

A toothache could be the result of anything from a cavity to a tooth infection. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your mouth, try rinsing your mouth with warm water and flossing around the affected area. You can also apply a cold compress or numbing gel to the outside of your cheek to reduce pain. If the pain persists, contact our dental office in Aurora right away.

Other common dental emergencies include swelling in the face or gums, cracked or broken teeth, lost fillings or crowns, bleeding from the mouth, and bite wounds.

Need Emergency Dental Care in Aurora, IL? Contact Us Today

Our dental team is highly trained and experienced in all types of dental emergencies, and we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care. We understand that dental emergencies can be unpredictable and overwhelming, so we strive to provide care in a compassionate and understanding environment. Our goal is to help you get back to smiling as soon as possible!