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Porcelain Fused to Metal or commonly known as PFM restorations have been helpful in the dental field for more than 30 years. During all that period, dentists all over the globe have adopted the PFM crowns as well as the bridges due to their versatility for use together with their ability to be matched easily with the teeth that are around.

The PFM crowns give a perfect balance between esthetics as well as resilience. The metal that is underlying gives a long lasting durability while the porcelain outer layer delivers a natural looking look.

What Exactly are They?

PFM Restorations can be considered a hybrid of all-metal and all-porcelain crowns due to the fact that they come from both. They have a base metal which is normally a nickel, beryllium, or chrome. However, they can also be platinum, palladium or in some cases gold. The metal usually makes a thin thimble-like cap that usually sits on the tooth. The dental porcelain is then connected over the metal cap to create a tooth-like shape which gives it an all-natural appearance.

Did You Know?

Dental crowns are usually fitted due to a number of issues. This includes;

  • Protection of a broken or damaged tooth.
  • To hold down a dental bridge.
  • To restore the tooth structure after a root canal operation.
  • To restore a tooth that is decayed with too much damage to support a new filling.
  • To hide tooth discoloration that has clearly refused to respond to whitening treatments that have been carried out.

Am I eligible for PFM Restorations?

In case you need strong but aesthetically looking bridge or crown, you may be an ideal candidate for PFM restorations. The restoration is great for patients who are affected by bruxism that may lead to the collapse of all-ceramic restorations.

To know more about PFM restorations and if you are an ideal candidate, contact the dentist in Aurora and you schedule a consultation whereby you will find more answers.

Expectations When Being Fitted with A PFM restoration

The tooth will be prepared for the new PFM by thoroughly cleaning it first. The Aurora Dentist will gently remove the outer layer for bonding.

An impression of your teeth will then be designed and sent to the dental lab for complete fabrication. A shade that matches your natural teeth will then be made. Lastly, the restoration of your natural teeth will ready. They will be placed and bonded permanently after that.

Post Treatment Care Guidelines

After being fitted with a PFM, you need to follow a few instructions religiously. Yes, it is norm al to experience some sensitivity to hot as well as cold temperatures after the whole process. The good news is that all this will reduce as should any soreness that comes with it.

The Aurora Dentist will provide instructions that need to be followed. Also, continue brushing as well as flossing your teeth on a daily basis. This will keep your PFM restorations clean and cared for.

In case of any persistent pain on your crown or bridge, you should notify your Aurora dentist as soon as possible.

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