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There are so many individuals with deep crevices and groove and no matter what they try or how they brush their teeth, the bristles can’t just reach these locations. If you continue neglecting these grooves, they turn out to be a home to bacteria, plaque as well as food particles. In the end, your teeth will start to decay and this only spells out the worst.

At Fox Valley Dental, we provide our patients with dental sealants so that the grooves can be completely covered. Moreover, this creates a smooth surface on the biting area of your tooth.

The Dentist in Aurora recommends that patients should start getting sealants at an early age after having the permanent teeth. This is important because it allows an individual to have greater dental security from a young age. To set up an appointment with the Aurora Dentist and receive your sealants contact us as soon as possible.

Did You Know?

Sealants are very durable and can last up to 5 to 10 years if taken care of. Dental sealants can be applied on a kid who is as young as 6 years. However, this simply depends on a kids oral growth as well as risk factors for tooth decay.

More molars come up at around 12 years, if it is possible, the dental sealants need to be applied to a kids teeth without any delay. This greatly reduces the risk of early decay.

Am I Eligible For Dental Sealants?

As long as you are at a risk of tooth decay. You are a great candidate for dental sealants. They can be used even on kids. If you have undergone other dental procedures, the sealants may not be ideal for you. However, contact the Aurora Dentist to effectively know if you are an ideal candidate.

Will Dental Sealants Affect the Feel or Look of One’s Teeth?

Sealants usually stick directly to the teeth. They normally harden to a clear or tooth-colored coat. This makes dental sealants extremely hard to notice.  Even though they can easily be felt by the tongue, many patients adapt to them very fast.

What Will you Experience When Getting Sealants?

The entire process of getting sealants is very easy, fast and accurate with the Dentist in Aurora. After the normal dental observations, the tooth is effectively cleaned. The sealant is then applied onto the enamel.

The sealant doesn’t take long and after a few minutes it hardens. This acts as a wall between the bacteria and the chewing surface of the teeth. The sealants will stay put for many years with proper dental and personal care. In addition, regular visits to the Dentist in Aurora are advised so that the condition can be monitored from time to time.

Do sealants prevent all Cavities?

Sealants do prevent tooth decay effectively. However, they cannot replace the other forms of preventive oral health care.  The Aurora Dentist advises everyone to brush and floss their teeth each and every day with the help of a fluoridated toothpaste. For more details, contact the Dentist in Aurora today to set up an appointment.


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