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Just like a bridge, partial dentures seat on surrounding teeth so as to fill in the gaps where a single or more teeth are missing. However, different to bridges, partial dentures are completely removable by the wearer.

Partial are some of the most affordable alternatives compared to other dental prosthetics. In addition, they are custom made so that they can easily blend in a patient’s natural teeth.

With a little time, you may adapt fully to your partial dentures. Many people have also reclaimed their initial function and aesthetics easily with partial dentures within a short period of time. Visit our Dentist in Aurora and you will never look back.

Am I an Eligible Candidate for Partial Dentures?

You are likely to be a candidate for partial dentures if you have one or more teeth that are missing and the space that they used to occupy is surrounded by other teeth or permanent restorations. In order to ascertain this fact, you need to contact Fox Valley Dental and set up an appointment with the Aurora Dentist.

What are the Expectations When Being Fitted with Partial Dentures?

The moment you decide to be fitted with partial dentures, you will need to visit the dentist in Aurora to have metal clasps attached to your surrounding teeth and an impression made of the location your partial will fill.

After that, the impression will be taken to the lab. The technician will come up with a custom denture that includes a gum colored base that will securely fit over your gums. A metal framework will then be used to put up in place your new partial dentures to the clasps of your natural teeth. This helps to ensure that it fits securely.

Taking care of your Dentures

Partial dentures just like your normal teeth require frequent cleaning as well as taking care of them. The moment you get your partial dentures, you will be required to pull up your socks and take care of them very well. You will be required to;

  • Minimize the chances of exposing your dentures to high temperatures that may cause them to warp.
  • You should also learn how to gently brush your dentures with a soft bristled tooth brush.
  • You need to keep them moist during all the times. You can also soak them in a denture solution when they are not being used.
  • Your partial dentures should be carefully handle because any slight fall may cause them to crack or break.

In case you are still unsure about whether dentures are right for you, you should make an effort of seeing the Aurora Dentist and have a sit down. It is important to note that, you should never by any chance suffer with teeth that are missing. You deserve the best and we are here to ensure that your teeth functionality as well as its aesthetic value is maintained.

The Aurora Dentist will answer all your questions and concerns therefore allowing you to come up with an informed decision. Call us today to book an appointment.


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