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We are pleased to announce that Fox Valley Dental Care has taken our practice and the quality of patient care to the next level with our new state-of-the-art  facility. We believe the dentist, his knowledge and skills, and his ethics are the most important factor in a dental practice. However, the latest advancements in dental technology can make a big difference in the diagnosis and the quality of work the dentist can provide. As a technology enthusiast, Dr. Dokhanchi is continuously updating and upgrading our equipment, instruments, and dental material, to keep our office at the cutting edge of technological advancement in dentistry. If there is something that has been scientifically proven to help us provide you with better dentistry, rest assured that we have IT. Here is some of the latest technology that places our office in the top percentages of all dental offices in the United states. The future is NOW:

Carestream 8100 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner for 3D and 2D Imaging

Dr. Dokhanchi is dedicated to providing patients with accurate diagnoses and exceptional treatment, and the true-to-life 3D images captured by the new radiography, or X-ray, unit help them do just that.

The new CS 8100 3D is capable of capturing both 3D and 2D images and delivers the most accurate view of patients’ anatomy for improved diagnoses, treatment planning and surgical predictability. Dr. Dokhanchi can view any anatomical situation from every angle, with exact scale accuracy and without distortion or overlap of anatomy. Plus, because it’s digital, images are available for viewing within seconds.

Featuring one of the highest 3D image resolutions available, the CS 8100 3D offers Dr. Bob Dokhanchi an extraordinary level of anatomical insight into specific dental regions of interest to help diagnose more accurately and treat with confidence. Plus, the CS 8100 3D provides more services in-office, reducing Dr. Dokhanchi need to refer patients to outside imaging centers: That means fewer visits and faster treatment.

Patient Education Brochure for CBCT 3D imaging

Benefits of the CS 8100 3D include:

  • High-resolution 3D images: Dr. Dokhanchi can see patient teeth with unprecedented detail, and you can, too.
  • Improved care: Dr. Dokhanchi can perform a wide range of diagnoses with even greater accuracy.
  • Limited dose exposure: patient health and safety is Dr. Dokhanchi’s greatest concern
  • Comfortable and fast exams: the system’s open design makes exams more comfortable, with both seated and standing options to accommodate patients of all sizes.

Carestream CS 3600 Mouth scanner for Crown Impressions

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best dental care possible, Aurora dentist are pleased to announce that our dental practice has recently added a new intraoral scanner to our practice. We think you might like to hear what this technology investment means for you.

The CS 3600 intraoral scanner completely transforms the process of creating a dental impression. Gone are the trays of silicone putty—or “goop”—that patients found so unpleasant and often required more than one try before we got a good impression. Instead, what you will now experience is a much more comfortable, digital impression process, as well as faster appointments.

The scanner is a small, handheld device that is very easy to maneuver in a patient’s mouth, making even hard-to-reach areas very accessible. What’s produced are high-definition, full color 2D and 3D images—and within seconds of completing the scanning process—an HD 3D digital impression. This 3D model will make it easy for you to understand the direction and goals of your treatment plan.

Not only is the overall experience of getting an impression more comfortable—with no goop—but less prep time means less time in the chair and shorter appointments for you, our patients.

Intra-oral (inside the mouth) Digital Radiography

Digital radiography allows for better quality images and uses a fraction of the radiation as compared to the old analog film radiography. There are two leading technologies in the digital radiography field, Phosphor plate and digital wired sensor technology. Both technologies have their advantages. Fox Valley Dental Care is happy to announce that, unlike most offices that choose between the two technologies, we utilize both systems in our office, the Scan X Digital Phosphor Plates for better comfort and those small mouths and Digital sensors for faster image processing.

If you have always had a hard time with thick digital sensors, you would be happy to know that the Scan -X phosphor plates are even thinner and more flexible than the old analog films. They also use less radiation than the traditional analog film technology.

But if your mouth can tolerate the digital sensors, we can utilize our new Carestream RVG 6200 for faster image processing. The RVG 6200 digital intraoral imaging system gives our practice the ability to take high quality digital images, while using less radiation than traditional film—providing you with a safer and quicker dental visit.

FDA Approved Logicon Decay Detection Software

Logicon is clinically proven to help dentists find up to 20% more inter-proximal (in between teeth) decay on permanent teeth than traditional methods, and is the only commercially available FDA-approved computer-aided radiographic caries diagnosis software. Latest software improvements further enhance the detection process. With a few clicks, Logicon Caries Detector PreScan applies the algorithm on all eligible inter-proximal surfaces within a radiograph to generate a view of existing caries, helping the dentist verify manual findings by focusing on surfaces that require further investigation.Download PDF

Kavo Diagnodent Decay Detection

The DIAGNOdent is an extremely accurate, reliable and non-invasive method to aid in caries detection. The device has been successfully used by more than 20,000 dental professionals in the United States and is integrated into the curriculum by a growing number of dental schools.

CS 1500 Intraoral Video Camera

The state-of-the-art CS 1500 Intraoral Video Camera – the latest word in intraoral imaging technology – offers a superior level of image quality, allowing Dr. Dokhanchi to capture the perfect shot easily and quickly. The camera, in conjunction with 40 inch TVs in each treatment room, allows Dr. Dokhanchi to easier communicate treatment options to the patients, as well as share images with referring practitioners and insurance companies.

Seeing the clearest possible images helps Dr. Dokhanchi diagnose and treat patients effectively. Having highly detailed images helps Dr. Dokhanchi provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning and better patient care. The precise level of anatomical detail is essential in determining the best method of treatment.

Dentrix Ascend Dental Software Utilizing Cloud Computing

Our practice is fully digital, including all your records and images. This will give us better accessibility, better security, and  allow us to better serve your oral health needs. The clinical tools in Dentrix Ascend help save time, with advanced dental charting, digital imaging and periodontal charting to help us better inform you of your oral health. In case of emergencies, cloud computing will allow Dr. Dokhanchi to have access to your information at any location with Internet access.

Enterprise Level Security

Because Fox Valley Dental Care is a fully digital office, we take network security very seriously (Some may say that Dr. Dokhanchi is obsessed with network security). We are proud to utilize SonicWall’s enterprise level hardware firewall and filtering service to protect all your information. They don’t just detect breaches, they prevent them with SonicWall next-generation firewalls and award-winning network security solutions. They stop ransomware, encrypted threats and phishing attacks, over not only wired but also wireless and mobile networks. We also use encrypted password protected email for our sensitive communication. We have 24-Hour monitoring of the facility to protect you and your vital information.

Glidewell CAD/CAM Same-Day Crowns

Fox Valley Dental Care has integrated the use of CAD/CAM technology to offer Glidewell same-day dental restorations to our patients. We are committed to providing the most efficient and effective innovations available. CAD/CAM technology designs and crafts high quality, metal-free dental restorations in a single patient visit.

CAD/CAM makes dental restoration effective and efficient.  First, any decay is removed from the tooth.  Next, we take digital images of the tooth using 3D modeling software.  This 3D model is viewed on a high definition screen as our expert dentist designs the restoration for a precise fit and aesthetically pleasing look. Once the final design is complete, the machine crafts the custom restoration from a solid block of ceramic. This creates strong and highly durable restorations. In about 15 minutes, the restoration will be ready for placement.  Once bonded in place, it is adjusted and polished for a natural, beautiful look.

Using CAD/CAM technology, patients can leave an appointment with a brand-new restoration.  This ends the need for multiple appointments, messy impressions, and weeks of waiting for a lab to make the restoration. Temporary restorations are no longer needed.

You may be a candidate if you:

·      Have been told you need a new crown, inlay, onlay or bridge

·      Have a cracked tooth

·      Have old failing restorations

·      Have had damage or trauma to your tooth

·      Are interested in replacing old metal restorations with biocompatible restorations

In general, a crown appointment can take less than two hours and requires no additional appointments.  The 3D imaging technology allows our team to design a precise virtual restoration without taking impressions. This allows us to ensure restorations look great, fit perfectly, and can last for years. 

Dr. Dokhanchi and his team at Fox Valley Dental Care have the experience and qualifications to create Glidewell same day dental restorations. 

CAD/CAM Same-Day Restorations


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