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Information on dental treatment can be found on thousands of pages around the Internet. Unfortunately, misinformation is also plenty. Our philosophy in treating patients follows the principles of Evidence-Based Dentistry. This simply means that as a clinician we follow scientific evidence to treat our patients. Lotions, potions, and quackery have no place in our practice. American Dental Association has everything you need to answer your questions regarding your care: and are websites consisting of “an international network of people who are concerned about health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct.” It’s a good source of information on health myths. If you hear some too-good-to-be true or unreasonable claim by healthcare professionals, it’s a good idea to search these sites for accurate and scientific information.

Insurance & Payment Options

The cost of dental treatment can be a major concern for everyone. It is no secret that dental treatment is expensive. Unfortunately with the high cost of dental education and running a dental practice the right way, there appears to be no relief in site. Dental insurance companies have not increased their limits for decades and appear to be cutting benefits every year. They also discourage treatment by only covering a percentage of the cost for expensive procedures, forcing patients to come up with up to 50 percent of the cost for these procedures. To help our patients, Fox Valley Dental Care has signed up with most PPOs. This can give you a considerable reduction in your cost because we are considered an In-Network provider. We also accept credit cards so you can design your own payment plan. Aurora dentist also have two third-party financing companies to help you pay for your dental treatment. For those without insurance, we have deep discounts for your first appointment, all check up appointments, and any other procedure you may need. Look at our Specials page for discounts and specials. Call us for more information.


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