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When we think of how our mouth is involved in our overall health, our first thoughts usually run straight to our diet, but recent research has revealed the correlation between dental health and overall health runs deeper than suspected. From abscesses putting us at risk of blood-borne infections rampaging through our system to missing teeth resulting in a poor diet and deteriorating jaw, there are multiple risks that poor dental health can cause. It’s also been revealed that the state of our dental health can also be used as an indicator for potential problems elsewhere in our bodies.

What Role Does Oral Health Play In Overall Health And Vice Versa?
The interplay between oral health and our overall health is a two-way street, with health issues in our bodies reflecting in our teeth and gums, and dental health issues putting us at risk for other systemic risks either directly or indirectly. If you’ve been taking care of your teeth meticulously you may think that you don’t have anything to worry about, but then suddenly you start seeing signs of poor dental health. It was situations like this that began to make it apparent that concerns like diabetes, cancer, and other health conditions can lead to problems in an otherwise healthy mouth, and as a result can be used as a diagnostic tool. If you’re experiencing unusual changes in your dental health it’s time to make an appointment with your dentist.

How Can Poor Dental Health Affect My Overall Health?
Poor dental hygiene can lead to a number of concerns that can have ramifications for your systemic health, and one of the most prominently worrisome is infections and abscesses in your mouth. Abscesses are pockets of infection set deep within your gumline and have been known to enter the bloodstream leading to life-threatening conditions. Less immediately dangerous but still a concern worth addressing is cavities and missing teeth. As our dental health declines, it can become painful to eat certain foods, leading us to avoid sources of vitamins and minerals in favor of easier to consume foods. This can lead to your health steadily declining as your diet becomes more limited and often containing poorer choices.

What Kind Of Diseases Can My Oral Health Reveal?

Gum disease isn’t just caused by poor oral hygiene but has been seen occurring as the result of osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disease, and heart disease. Thousands of studies have revealed that these conditions often result in gum disease unrelated to poor hygiene habits, and those with gum disease from any source being shown to suffer strokes or heart attack at twice the rate of those without it.

If you’re concerned that symptoms you’re experiencing may be the result of poor dental health or a medical condition that’s causing poor dental health pick up your phone and contact Fox Valley Dental Care in Aurora, IL. After making an appointment with Dr. Bob Dokhanchi you’ll experience a caring and comprehensive examination where your dental health will be assessed and a consultation on proper steps for maintaining excellent overall health throughout your life.

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