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You’ve finally got your bright, beautiful smile back after years of missing teeth by investing in dental implants. With the future ahead you’re likely wondering what you’ve got to do to ensure you keep your new teeth clean and bright and free from decay. While generally, your new implants are both durable and capable of standing up to the rigors of natural chewing, there are some small changes you’ll need to make to the way you handle their cleaning and maintenance.

How Do I Care For My Dental Implant
The basics of caring for your new teeth are essentially the same as those of caring for your original and remaining natural teeth. It all starts with a regular regime of brushing, flossing, and the use of mouthwash to ensure you remove debris, clean off plaque, and prevent tartar from forming and gingivitis. In all of these cases, you’ll need to make certain accommodations for the differences in the material in the new teeth.

• Toothpaste – You’ll want to select a tartar control toothpaste that is of a gentle, low-abrasive, variety.
• Toothbrush – The toothbrushes you select will need to have soft bristles, but you can select either a manual or electric variety.
• Floss – Floss is used as it is for natural teeth, getting in and cleaning around the abutments.
• Antimicrobial Rinses – Otherwise known as mouthwash, you’ll want to pick up an antimicrobial variety.
• Interdental Brushes – These brushes are specifically designed for cleaning between the dentures and natural teeth, and cleaning under them.
• Plaque Tabs – These tabs will reveal where plaque forms on your teeth and dentures to help you know where you need to work on your oral hygiene routine.

The changes in how you care for your teeth are primarily going to center on what materials you use rather than the individual practices. On top of the above practices, be sure to set up an appointment with your dentist every 3-6 months.

What Happens If I Don’t Take Care Of Them?
Problems can form if you don’t take care of them properly, and it can result in the formation of mucositis, a condition that can cause damage to the jawbone. The first sign of this condition is bleeding, and at that point, the stage is able to be reversed before any damage is done. Far better to take the time to properly care for your new dentures.

If you’re looking into getting dental implants, or have already received them, you’re going to want to ensure you take proper care of them so that they can serve you painlessly for years to come. If you have any questions on how to take care of your teeth contact Dr. Dokhanchi at Fox Valley Dental to schedule an appointment and consultation. During this appointment, you’ll be instructed on how to care about the dental implants and prepare to receive them if you haven’t already. Every year thousands of people start a new life with dental implants, isn’t it time you got your beautiful, unbroken smile back?


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