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Dental flossing is a very essential part in anyone’s oral hygiene. However, research taken shows that only half of the Americans do it on a regular basis. The process is very easy and only takes a few minutes per day. Developing a habit of flossing your teeth goes a long way in helping you to prevent tooth decay as well as gum disease. This allows you to keep your natural teeth for  a long time.

Therefore, what is the most effective means of flossing?

  • Pull the flossing string and slide it between the two teeth.
  • Pull it against the side of a single tooth and make sure you create a C-shape. Slowly slide it upwards in order to eliminate the plaque that might have built up.
  • Using the same technique, pull against the reverse tooth edge.
  • Moreover, do not forget to floss the backs of your molars too.

Did You Know

The American Dental Association endorses the use of a flossing strand that is close to 18 inches in length. Moreover, you should try using a clean floss as you slowly move between the teeth.

The simplest way of tackling this is by looping each end of the floss around your fingers then you should start to floss with the area that is close to the end.

In case you have never flossed, contact the Dentist in Aurora today. You will be given an in depth tutorial on how to effectively floss.

Should I Be Flossing?

Flossing does not bring about immediate change. However, with passing time you will see the effectiveness of flossing. Flossing will be essential in the prevention of tooth decay, tooth loss as well as gum diseases that constantly affect people who do not adhere to oral hygiene.

This process effectively saves you a lot of time and expenses that are incurred on treating them. A small strand of floss that costs a little cash can end up saving you thousands of dollars later on.

What Should I Do Apart From Flossing?

Yes, there are so many things you could do that go hand in hand with flossing. In addition to this daily routine, the Aurora dentist would recommend that you adopt to appropriate brushing techniques as well as visiting your dentist at least two times in a year. This is essential for the examination and professional dental cleaning.

Variations of Comfort

In case you are having issues with the two finger method. There are other ways of carry out flossing. Simply tie the same amount of floss in a big hoop and place your fingers (not thumb) inside the loop. Work them through the index fingers as well as the thumbs. The other steps remain the same.

There are different varieties of flosses that you can use. They cater for all your preferences. You can have flavored, waxed as well as ones with wider width. Many people prefer the waxed ones due to the fact that they fit easily into tight gaps. Whichever floss you like, the end game is to keep flossing.

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