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Dr. Babak Dokhanchi

Fluoride is the naturally occurring element that has been proven in assisting with the teeth’s strength. It goes a long way in preventing tooth decay in people of all ages.

Topical fluoride, specifically, is really useful for the promotion of the overall oral health. The American Dental Association clearly endorses the use of fluoride in the fight against dental caries. Moreover, the American Medical Association together with the American Academy of pediatrics have backed up this claim.

Did You Know

You may be drinking fluoride each and every day without knowing it. Many communities normally add fluoride to their public water supply. This is done in order to promote better dental health.

To know if your water contains fluoride, you can contact your local water company and they will notify you. However, if you are buying bottled water, you may not be getting any fluoride. Contact you water bottling company to find out if your water has fluoride. In case you are not successful, kindly contact the dentist in Aurora and you will get professional fluoride treatments.

Do I Really Require Fluoride Treatments?

In any event that your water is not fluoridated, the Dentist in Aurora recommends that you should receive fluoride treatments. Moreover, if you are experiencing some symptoms like receding gums, you should get the treatments as soon as possible.

Fluoride treatments can provide complete oral support and protect an individual against oral decay if you are using orthodontic braces. Also, if you are on medications that cause dry mouth, you are a right candidate.

How Fluoride Helps

The outer layer of the teeth that is protective, the enamel, is mostly susceptible to attacks by acid. The acids are caused by foods that are acidic or beverages. In addition, there is bacteria that is always present in our mouths. This speeds up the process.

Fluoride assists prevent all this because when it’s present, it becomes part of the crystalline structure of the tooth enamel. This hardens it and makes it more resistant to acid attack. In addition, fluoride may assist in the repair of small cavities that are always forming in the mouth.

What Happens During Fluoride Treatments?

When you visit the Aurora Dentist, you will have the best time possible with this treatment. It is among the most painless oral treatments. The procedure will be administered in the dentist’s office at the normal twice a year checkup or after every six months.

The Aurora Dentist will spread the fluoridated gel, foam or ultimately varnish it into a tray and place it over your teeth. The procedure is simple and only takes a few minutes. It is also done once or four times a year according to your preferences.

What Can I do to Supplement My fluoride Treatment?

Yes! The Aurora Dentist clearly recommends that you also take other measures so as to improve the intake of fluoride. You can add fluoridated drinking water to your normal intake on the daily basis or use a toothpaste that is fluoridated.

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