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When you sit down in the chair for an exam or procedure, you do so with trust in your dentist. Knowing that you can expect only the best in ethics and quality dentistry from your dentist, Bob Dokhanchi, DD, will put your mind at ease during your visit and throughout your treatment.

So just what can you expect from Dr. Bob Dokhanchi when you visit his Aurora, IL office? What is ethical and quality dentistry?

The American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct

Like other branches of the medical field, dentists are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of their patients. Your dentist, Bob Dokhanchi, DDS operates his dental practice abiding by a code of ethics that makes patient safety and health his priority.

There are 5 principals of the American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct:

Patient autonomy

This principle is one of the most important, and sets the standards for dental professionalism. What it means is that your dentist will respect your rights to be actively involved in your treatment plan, to make your own decisions, and to expect confidentiality throughout your treatment. You’ll be informed about any proposed treatment decisions, and be allowed to make the selections that work best for you.

Your privacy is important, and you’ll find that Dr. Dokhanchi, DDS and his staff take great strides to ensure patient confidentiality.

Nonmaleficence – Do no Harm

This principal is one familiar to all in the medical profession. Your dentist has a duty to do his part to refrain from harming his patient, and to keep his patient from harm. Whether it’s ensuring his skills and knowledge are up to date on the latest in dentistry advancements, or referring you to another dentist for specialized treatment.

Do Good

Not only will your dentist do no harm, but he will use his education, knowledge, and experience to do good where it is possible. This could include ensuring that your treatment options are not selected exclusively based on what is in the best interests of your insurance company. Treatment is based upon your best interests.


Your dentist has an ethical obligation to provide patients quality dentistry regardless of religion, race, sex, and so on.


Truthfulness is important, in all industries. In the dental industry it extends to truthfulness in billing, services, advertising, and patient communication. You should always be informed about whether a procedure is necessary or elective, and also whether there are any alternative treatment options.

Dr. Bob Dokhanchi has a focus on treatment excellence, and on ensuring that each patient has great confidence in his ability to keep them smiling.

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