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Taking care of your teeth entails so much more than just seeing your dentist twice in a year for the normal examination as well as the extensive cleaning. If you never knew, the majority of your oral care takes place at home and with effective care and treatment couple with personal dedicated hygiene, you would be doing a lot more than the dentist does.

A lot of people use manual toothbrushes to remove plaque as well as debris from their teeth daily. However, due to the technological advancements that happen on the daily basis, electric brushes have started gaining popularity among different people. This has left a bugging question lingering over many people. Is the electric toothbrush better than the conventional manual one?

Did You Know

With all the questions surrounding the electric and manual toothbrushes, the American Dental Association does not really take the side of one type of brush over the other.

In some instances it does however acknowledge that individuals with upper body mobility restrictions may benefit better from an electric toothbrush instead of the manual toothbrush.

It does not matter which type of toothbrush you are using, the American Dental Association advises people to use toothbrushes that are soft-bristled. This assists in the prevention of abrasion which can lead to receding of gum lines and decay.

Which is the Best Toothbrush to Use?

You can choose any type of toothbrush to use. It does not matter if it is electric or manual. However, the fast movements of the motorized brush can have a slight advantage and be more effective in the removal of plaque from the teeth and gum lines.

In case you are conflicted on which type of toothbrush that you should be using, contact Fox Valley Dental today and the Dentist in Aurora will be at hand to take up your case.

The Aurora Dentist will more likely recommend an electric brush that has an oscillating head or a brush that has a timer that lets you know how long you should brush your teeth.

What Types of Results am I Supposed to Get from My Toothbrush?

Regardless of the toothbrush that you are using, whether electric or manual, the Aurora Dentists suggests that it should be easy for you to maneuver in your mouth as well as the back of your teeth.

In case the head is too big, it may not be ideal because the removal of plaque from your teeth may not be carried out completely.

The Electric Toothbrush is Expensive, Do I Need to Change it as Often as the Manual one?

Definitely! The Dentist in Aurora recommends that you should replace your toothbrush at least once in every three months or if you notice it has started fraying. This applies to both the manual toothbrush as well as the electric one.

The Dentist in Aurora also suggests that you should strive to buy an electric toothbrush that comes with interchangeable heads. This is cost effective because you will not be compelled to be buying a new device from now and then.

For more information on which type of brush suits you, call Fox Valley Dental today and set up and appointment with the Aurora Dentist. You will be able to learn so much.


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