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Babak Dokhanchi DDS

For the some of us, the problems associated with our smile are not just limited to discolorations or unpleasant misalignments. But, you may be having more complicated problems with the appearance of your smile. Do you think you need a smile makeover? Are you confused if you do or not? Then hang on.  By combining a variety of options for treatment, your doctor can perform a transformation which will completely change the function and the appearance of your face and smile.

You’ve must have heard the statement “total smile makeover” many times than you can remember. The complete restructuring of the teeth or dental makeover solves all the problems of the teeth your smile. If you solve all your dental problems, your smile would improve too, you would expect a better health, get your confidence back and virtually have pushed your dental and personal health reset button. By addressing all the issues, you will feel better and have a wonderful, radiant smile that you’d want to flaunt and show off to your family and friends.

What is Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is one or more of the dental procedures performed on patients in order to give the patient the smile he/she wants. Some of the numerous procedures that can be observed when performing a typical makeover include a teeth whitening procedure, partial dentures, veneers, bridges, natural-looking fillings, composite resin bond etc.

Getting one or more of these procedures, bring an improved smile and look, this improved smiles and greater self-confidence have the effect and power to change your image and esteem. This will, in turn, have positive impacts on your daily interactions with friends and family.

Below are just some of the numerous reasons why you can consider a smile makeover or cosmetic dentistry. If you are a self-conscious person or for any reason, you are not too happy with your smile, you might need to consult your dentist to schedule a date for the procedure.

Reasons why you might need a smile makeover

There are quite some reasons why patients decide to go under the knife for a smile makeover. The only thing that unites all of the reasons listed is that the current smile of the patient makes him feel bad or uncomfortable. So here are eight reasons which can lead a patient want a smile makeover:

You have brownish or yellow teeth that always look dirty even though they are not dirty but clean.

Cracked, broken or chipped teeth

Your low self-esteem which negatively affects you socially

Chewing and biting problems

Having spaces and gaps around the teeth

Having a gummy smile as a result of having small teeth

Taking an imagine job for which you need a great smile.

Having anything that prevents you from exposing your smile.


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