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Digital X-rays can be considered to be a more modernized approach of dealing with dental radiographs. Just like the traditional ones, they give a detailed view of the structures of the mouth. The go a long way in assisting the dentists see complications that may be arising hence coming up with effective ways to treat them.

Digital X-rays are important because they can help the dentist to easily detect issues like bone erosion, tooth decay, hidden carries and other issues that may be affecting an individual with dental restorations.

The best thing about digital X-rays is that they do not need any film and they also significantly reduce the time one is exposed to radiation because they are slightly fast. They are turning out to be a standard for oral imaging.

The system produces instant images that can be easily enlarged or enhanced so that a more accurate diagnosis can be carried out. The images are taken, stored, and also transmitted to the main dentist through the in-office computers. In fact, a dentist can simply print or even email a dental image in a matter of just seconds after the process has ended.

Dental X-rays are therefore considered to be a more efficient and ideal alternative for patients hence giving them an efficient patient experience.

The visits to the Aurora Dentist are now faster, the patients are exposed to less radiation, and the images can be easily transmitted to a specialist for review in a fraction of time compared to the traditional X-rays.

Who is Eligible for Digital X-rays?

Any patient that needs an in depth analysis of their dental health is eligible for the digital X-rays at Fox Valley Dental. However, there are some incidences whereby it may not be necessary to take them. For example, if you had recently had one taken. It can be used instead of repeating the whole process.

In addition, all new patients can go through the procedure. However, the Aurora Dentist must recommend the process first before it’s carried out. A comprehensive dental history should play a huge role in deciding all of this.

What Happens During The Process?

During the imaging process, you will be directed into the digital X-ray room and the necessary procedures will be carried out. You will be given a protective gear to wear before the process starts.

In an instance the entire process will be complete and you will go back to the dentist. The dentist will evaluate the results and come up with the way forward. Whether you need further treatment or if any complications have been found will all be addressed after the process is done.

The Importance of Digital Radiography

This is one of the most important advancement that has been made specifically for the dental health field. The ability to reduce the exposure to the patients while increasing the diagnostic proficiency is very useful.

In addition, the reduction of the use of harsh chemicals and other waste materials that used to come with the traditional means also benefits the environment. Digital radiography is also cost effective in the long run.

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