Dentistry Post-Op Questions | Dr. Babak Dokhanchi

Dr. Bob Dokhanchi

When you go through a dental procedure, the Dentist in Aurora will provide you with a set of post-op instructions. These instructions are extremely important because they assist you to heal and recover effectively.

It is really important to follow these instructions so that you can prevent instructions and reduce the risk of complications. In case you have any questions, it is ideal to consult the Aurora Dentist so that you can clearly understand the process of recovery and take care of your mouth as you heal.

The Caring Dentists at Fox Valley Dental will give you an ear and listen to all your questions as well as concern. They will be able to address them and thoroughly tell you what is necessary before and after the procedure.

In case you have any other complications, you will be given a number to call in case you have further questions that you may need to ask after leaving the office.

Before the operation, we normally suggest that you pen down any questions that may be pending in regard to your post-operative care. Having all your queries addressed makes you at ease and gives you comfort and effectively makes the procedure run smoothly.

Some of the most common questions that our Dentist in Aurora receives are;

  • How do I handle the pain after the procedure?
  • How long will I experience the discomfort?
  • Will I be required to follow and unique dietary guideline?
  • Is it advisable for me to drink through a straw?
  • Will I manage to drive myself back home after the procedure?
  • What antibiotics should I take and will I need them?
  • Is it necessary to come back to your office for a follow up appointment?
  • When will my permanent restorations be available?
  • How should I care for my removable prosthesis?

Should I talk to the Dentist About the Questions that I have Raised Regarding my Post-Operative Care?

Yes! The post-operative care will mainly depend on you understanding the right and wrong things to be done. This will help you carry out the necessary measures that will make you heal properly.

What Should I Expect When I Talk with My Dentist?

The Dentist in Aurora will set up adequate time in your consultation as well as the pre-operative exam to give you a ear. All your questions will be answered effectively.

The dentist will also hand you a phone number that will use to call just in case of any complications or if you need more clarity on an issue.

What Can I do to Make the Process Easier?

Before you decide to see the Dentist in Aurora, you can make things simple by just writing down your questions before the whole process. This will give you clarity on any issue that you may be having. Many people forget about so much in the doctor’s room because of being nervous. Therefore, you need to have all your questions together before the day. This helps you to avoid missing important details. Contact Fox Valley Dental today and set up an appointment.


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