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Your Body can be described as, a “complex machine”. Whatever you decide to eat and how often you eat them they will affect your overall health as well as the health of your gums and teeth.

If you take too much sugar-filled drinks, sweetened fruit drinks or snacks that are non-nutritious, you could be courting tooth decay. This is one of the most chronic disease affecting kids as well as adults all over the world.

Tooth decay or any diet related disease is caused when these foods or drinks that you take are converted by bacteria to produce acids that in turn attack the outer layer of the tooth enamel.

To make sure that your diet does not negatively affect your teeth, there are a few pointers that the Dentist in Aurora Would recommend;

Take A Lot of Water

Water does not have any calories and you also don’t have to stress over ingredient labels and it’s almost free! Moreover, the tap water in most of this areas contains fluoride. This is among the simplest and most valuable ways to assist prevent tooth decay. Regular consumption of water throughout the day is very beneficial in the long run because you would be making a huge difference to your oral health.

Reduce Snacks Between Meals

Saliva is a very important part of your oral health. It helps your teeth neutralizing attacks by acids. This helps to prevent tooth decay. Nonetheless, this can be undone by having frequent snacks in between meal hours. This simply means that your teeth do not rest from the acid attacks that happen when you eat.

In addition, the Dentist in Aurora suggests that you should reduce sugary treats to meal times as compared to in between the meals.

What Should I Eat?

The Aurora Dentist also warns people not to always think that it is only the sugary foods and drinks that cause tooth decay, there so many other foods that can do the same damage. Regular eating of foods that have hidden sugar such as biscuits, chips, cereals, crackers, as well as dried fruits can cause acid attacks on the enamel of your tooth. Some of these foods normally break down and convert into sugars in the mouth.

Do I Need Gum?

The Dentist in Aurora further advises patients to try and chew sugar-free gum. Please note that it should be sugar free. This greatly benefits the health of your teeth if you did not have any idea. Not only does it strengthen them, but also leads to the production of saliva which in turn helps to combat decay-causing acid attacks. Studies have shown this and it should be done 20 minutes after taking your meals.

Please note that it is possible to avoid at least a few of the most common diseases of the modern day by following proper eating habits and the diet. Some of these diseases include caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease.

When Should I Consult the Aurora Dentist About My Nutritional Status?

Always ask the Dentist in Aurora about your nutrition and diet if you are not so certain. You will get a clear understanding of so many things if you consult a professional. Contact us today to set up an appointment with the Aurora Dentist. At Fox Valley Dental we ensure that your oral health is our priority.

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