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A mouth that is clean and healthy is a very important part of our general wellness and being. Moreover, keeping your teeth white while maintaining that elegant smile requires one to keep a religious routine both at home and also through a professional dental care service provider.

When you visit Fox Valley Dental for cleaning and consultation, you can expect a thorough examination of the health of your teeth, soft tissues and gum by our dedicated Aurora Dentist.


The way in which you carry out the cleaning of your teeth determines their protection as well as their preservation from decay and other oral related complications. While at home, you need to make sure that every surface of your tongue, gum and teeth are brushed with fluoridated toothpaste twice in a day. Flossing is also advocated for at least once in a day to eliminate some of the debris that might be lodged in your teeth.

In addition, it is recommended that you see a dentist after every six months or twice in a year for professional dental cleaning. A Aurora dentist will be at hand to inspect the gums and the whole mouth in general. Tools meant for cleaning will be used effectively to give the patient a clean mouth. Frequent professional cleaning also helps eliminate topical stains caused by beverages such as tea and coffee. This small cost of professional cleaning will save you money on future dental treatments and restorations.


After a dental cleaning by the Dentist in Aurora, it will be followed by a small consultation. The dentist will examine and advise you accordingly on how to maintain your teeth. Other tests on your teeth may also be carried out to determine if you have other conditions that have not been detected. If any issues are detected, the dentist will discuss options for treatment available.

Why Do I need My Teeth Cleaned Professionally?

Yes you can clean your teeth all by yourself. However, once in a while, you need to visit a Dentist in Aurora for cleaning. This is because bacteria always finds its way into tiny pits, crevices and grooves. With your normal daily cleaning, this can be extremely hard to clean.

If this is not eradicated over time by a professional, there will be a build-up and this is what leads to gum diseases, tooth decay, and in extreme cases tooth loss.

What Happens During an Examination?

The Dentist in Aurora will carry out a visible test on your teeth. In case this is your initial visit or you haven’t visited a dentist in a long time, an X-ray may be taken so as to have a comprehensive look at your structure. After talking to the doctor about your existing or non-existing problems, you will be directed to our hygienist, who will be in charge of the cleaning. State-of-the-art equipment will be used to thoroughly clean your mouth and lastly your teeth will be polished and brushed for a sparkling clean look.

Special Instructions after a Dental Cleaning and Consultation Session

Always brush your teeth at least twice in a day or after a meal. Flossing should not be forgotten too (once in a day). Fluoridated toothpaste and water is also important in keeping your teeth clean. Contact Fox Valley Dental today and an appointment with a Aurora Dentist will be set up immediately. We are looking forward to see you.

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