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Quality Dental Care through Communication and Advanced Technology | 60506 Dentist

The best way to get quality dental care is to communicate with your dentist. Unfortunately, this can be difficult when your dentist has his hands in your mouth. Additionally, communicating how you’re feeling or what you suspect might be wrong can be difficult because you aren’t a dentist. But just because you aren’t a dentist…

Insurance Benefits | Babak Dokhanchi DDS

At Fox Valley Dental we pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable dental experience to our patients. Part of that experience is ensuring we take most insurances, that way patients are never limited to who they can see. Additionally, we make it a point to provide patients with affordable out of pocket treatment options as well,…

An Overview of Evidence-Based Dentistry | Bob Dokhanchi DDS

What is Evidence-Based Dentistry? Throughout all branches of medicine, there has been a push for evidence-based medicine. This push has extended to the field of dentistry as well. While many people may have heard of evidence-based medicine and evidence-based dentistry, they may not fully understand what this means. Evidence-based dentistry is the practice of dentistry…


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