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We can simply describe it as a dental equipment that is fit to a patients teeth in a custom way. They have different functionalities according to the user’s needs or preference. There is no age limit for their usage and therefore, anyone can use them.

The most important thing about bite guards is having them professionally fit. This ensures that you get maximum comfort from them as well as protection when they are worn compared to the ones bought over the counter. They may turn out to be the complete opposite of what you needed if they are not custom made.

In case you need a professional bite guard, contact Fox Valley Dental today. The bite guards are generally designed in a dental lab with the use of an oral dummy that is taken by the Aurora Dentist in the office.

The guards are specially made to each individual patient in order to reduce discomfort, inadequate protection, and slippage. There are literally so many reasons as to why the aurora dentist may recommend a mouth guard to you. The most common reasons include;

  • To guard your teeth from grinding and clenching that happens during the night.
  • To protect the tongue, cheeks and teeth during intensive activities such as sports.

Am I a Right Candidate for the Bite Guard?

In case you participate in a sport or any activity that puts your oral health in danger, you need to find a unique bite guard in order to be on the safe side always.

Children should not be forgotten also because these guidelines apply to them as well. Those that play sports such as football or vigorous undertakings like martial arts. These activities can easily lead to tooth-related injuries and therefore protection is very necessary to avoid incurring unwanted expenses as well as endangering them.

Moreover, you can be a perfect candidate for a bite guard in case the dentist in Aurora diagnoses you with bruxism, which is at times referred to as tooth grinding.

Over a period of time, the grinding and clenching of your teeth may be the reason for wear and damage that cannot be reversed. Using a bite guard while sleeping can guard the teeth from side effects that come with it.

What to expect When Being Fit with a Bite Guard

It is a simple procedure. You will visit the Aurora Dentist who will measure as well as taking the right impression of your teeth and deliver it to the lab. The lab technician will carefully come up with a long lasting and comfortable bite guard that you can take from the dentist’s office in just a few days.

Caring for a Dental Bite Guard

It is a very simple task caring for a dental bite guard. You will be required to rinse it after as well as before any use. You are required to use a toothpaste, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and cold water.

In some instances, you will be required to clean it with a mild soap and cold water. When it is not being used, you should store your bite guard in a hard, ventilated container and hide it away from hot temperatures that may course the bite guard to warp.

Will I need to Go See the Dentist Again?

Yes! Custom bite guard may wear out and you will need a dentist to replace them regularly. Frequent wear should be observed. In addition, carry it to your routine dental visitations.


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