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Babak Dokhanchi DDS

Bad breath is an issue that is so common and can be caused due to a variety of reasons. There is a group of people who find that they have bad breath all the time and there can be an underlying medical condition that may be responsible for this. One may be suffering from diabetes, bronchitis, throat, nose or lung infections and sinuses and many more.

However, the most common cause of bad breath in majority of the people is poor dental hygiene. Without daily or after meals regular flossing and brushing, bacteria as well as particles of food can hide in between your teeth and this may be a recipe for disaster. An unpleasant odor may start building up after some time.

Smoking is also another reason for bad breath. In addition, the situation can be made even worse by foods such as garlic, coffee or onions. For this reasons, oral hygiene should be mandatory so that the effects can be curbed.

What are the Consequences of Bad Breath?

Bad breath is not only embarrassing, but it also indicates bad oral hygiene or an underlying medical issue. Gum diseases and dry mouth are some of the reasons for this situation. Ulcers and stomach problems also contribute to bad breath in many instances.

Lack of proper flow of saliva leads to an increase in the acidity levels. This makes the environment ideal for the bacteria to thrive. This can be contained by proper medication if medical assistance is sought immediately.

However, the ideal cause of action if this situation persists is to see a dentist so that they can observe it and tell you the way forward.

What Does the Aurora Dentist Do?

Under the care of the Dentist in Aurora, they will first investigate your mouth, diagnose the particular reason for your bad breath and tell you how to handle the situation as part of your normal program.

If gum disease is detected and is the cause of the bad breath, the Dentist in Aurora will clean the pockets between the teeth and gums so that the hiding bacteria can be eliminated.

The first thing that the Aurora Dentist will advise in case of bad breath is strict brushing and flossing so that the ingrained bacteria can be removed. The tongue should also be cleaned using the brush or with the help of a special scraper.

The Dentist can also suggest the use of a mouthwash that has chlorine dioxide. This will disintegrate the gases that are responsible for the bad breath. The mouthwash is ideal just before you go to bed. Keep in mind not to use some of the mouthwash products that may contain alcohol. They will dry your mouth and make the odor even worse.

Post-Treatment Procedures

Bad breath can be prevented by following a day-to-day oral hygiene program as well as reducing the intake of sugary foods and drinks. However, regular trips to the Fox Valley Dental will ensure that your plaque levels are controlled easily.

Contact the Dentist in Aurora, set up an appointment and get rid of that breath once and for all!


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