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What is Evidence-Based Dentistry?

Throughout all branches of medicine, there has been a push for evidence-based medicine. This push has extended to the field of dentistry as well. While many people may have heard of evidence-based medicine and evidence-based dentistry, they may not fully understand what this means. Evidence-based dentistry is the practice of dentistry that is backed by years of scientific research from numerous case studies. For example, most of the water throughout the country contains fluoride. There were numerous studies conducted that concluded that adding fluoride to the water supply would help prevent the development of cavities, particularly in the teeth of children. Since the evidence supported this argument, fluoride was officially added to the water supply.

What to Expect

Patients should expect that the dentist will perform diagnostic tests and suggest treatment options that have the backing of scientific studies. Making decisions based on research is an important part of all areas of medicine. Nobody wants to agree to a diagnostic test or treatment that hasn’t been backed by strong research that demonstrates both its safety and its efficacy. Furthermore, patients should expect to have their questions answered by their oral health professional. If they have questions about the evidence behind a test or treatment, they should expect their oral health professional to show the evidence supporting the effectiveness of the test or treatment.

What are the Goals of Evidence-Based Dentistry?

The ultimate goal is to practice dentistry that suggests tests and treatments that have been backed by years of scientific research. Scientific studies are performed using experimental tests and treatments. Their effectiveness is compared to a control group that is given the currently accepted tests or treatments. If the experimental treatment group does better with the experimental test or treatment, the evidence supports the use of the new test or treatment. For example, when studies suggested that flossing helped to prevent cavities, dentists started to encourage people to start flossing. The same results also applied to studies that suggested that bristled toothbrushes were better than flat toothbrushes. Evidence-based dentistry helps improve the oral health of patients everywhere and will be incorporated into the dental practice.

More than Just Dental Care

At Fox Valley Dental located in Aurora, IL, our practice is more than just a dental practice. Lead by Bob Dokhanchi, DDS, the practice takes pride in caring for the entire patient. Dr. Bob Dokhanchi is an Aurora Dentist who understands the importance of caring for the emotional side of the patient as well as their oral health. Dr. Dokhanchi understands the importance of the evidence behind tests and treatment options. Call the office today to schedule an appointment!


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