4 Tips for Healthy, White Teeth

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Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. One way to make a lasting impression is to have a healthy-looking smile. Over the years, teeth whitening has become immensely popular. People turn to in-office whitening, over-the-counter whitening, and home-made whitening techniques. Did you know that there are ways to keep your smile white with just small changes to your daily routine? Read the tips below to keep your smile looking pearly white. 

    Brush and Floss 

    To keep your mouth clean, healthy, and stain-free, brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Brush your teeth after drinking coffee, tea, soda, or red wine to help fight discoloration.  


      Some of the food and drinks you are consuming may cause your teeth to look dull or stained. Wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and berries all contain substances that stain teeth. Chromogens are molecules found in all of these items that stick to the enamel of your teeth causing a dull look. 

        Quit Smoking 

        Smoking is not only bad for your heart and lungs but also for your mouth and teeth. Smoking causes tooth discoloration, increased plaque buildup, gum disease, and more. 

          Visit Your Dentist

          Dental cleanings and exams are an important part in keeping your teeth healthy and bright. You may need frequent follow up visits based on your oral health care. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment twice a year. 

          Even if you do use in-office whitening or over-the-counter products, your teeth need extra care to keep up with the initial results. By flossing, lifestyle changes, and regular dental visits your teeth will be looking bright. 

          Call our office to schedule your dental cleaning today.


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          Anita Geissinger
          October 27, 2023

          Fox Valley Dental is absolutely the best dental practice. The entire staff comes across like they’re one big happy family and they make u feel part of it as well. If you’re even slightly squeamish about going to the dentist, Dr Bob and/or Dr Pittman will be your last dentists needed. Patience, caring & excellence are their middle names. It is an honor to boast about them.

          Dan Nunez
          September 13, 2023

          Assistants very friendly.

          Ryan Williams
          August 17, 2023

          Been going to this practice for over 30 years. Even drive a hour from my house to them. Won't go anywhere else.

          Micah Fogel
          August 3, 2023

          I've been a patient of Dr. Bob for almost 30 years. When you find a professional you can trust, you stick with them. He's great, his staff is terrific, and even the people he refers you to are top notch. Highest recommendation.

          Paul Zenisek
          August 3, 2023

          You guys are awesome always. Makes going to the dentist 😬

          Krazy Me
          August 3, 2023

          Dr Bob is a really good person that happen to be great Dentist and has very friendly staff I would highly recommend a visit

          June 27, 2023

          Great personal professional touch!

          I have been going to Fox Family Dentist for 16 plus years and can't say enough good things about them. DR BOB is extremely professional and explains everything in detail that needs to be done. His staff is always very helpful and extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Always a pleasure to have my checkups done. Thanks again for being an outstanding and caring dentist.

          Sidney Robinson
          June 21, 2023

          Dr. Bob's office and staff are first rate: considerate, informative, up-to-date with treatment and procedure. I can't imagine going anywhere else!

          Glenn Krause
          June 20, 2023

          Fox Valley Dental Care is fantastic. Great dentist Dr. Bob, honest, great service, and very personable. Dr. Bob has the latest high tech equipment. I have been a patient for about 8 years and highly recommend him. Located far west side of Aurora just west of Orchard. Glenn Krause

          Derek Smith
          April 28, 2023

          Definately a pure pleasure to be serviced here. The staff, collectively, makes every visit like being at home with family, and Dr. Bob Dokhanchi is the best, its a pleasure to have a dentist that cares not just for your teeth, but also, geniunely for your life and well being. No words can express my gratitude!!!

          Robert Bishop
          April 19, 2023

          The entire staff made me feel that I was part of the family! They really care about their customers and never pressure us about doing more than is needed.

          Stan Kieca
          April 19, 2023

          I'm recently new to this office, and the reviews that Ive read online really helped my decision to make an appointment with Dr. Bob. The office is very friendly and thorough. Everything is explained clearly and you will feel that they actually care about you. So as I'm still a new patient, I cannot give a more in depth review, but so far all is good!

          James Powell
          March 31, 2023
          anna lisa gross
          March 24, 2023

          We appreciate how thorough and capable all of the staff are! Good dental care is hard to find, and we trust this staff.

          Michael Simelton
          February 16, 2023

          Thank you so much for the excellent dental care you've always given me. 🤪

          Jesus Raygoza
          February 9, 2023

          The staff was friendly and helped me with all my needs

          Kelley Bruick
          February 8, 2023

          Dr Bob and his team take excellent care of me and my family, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for dental care. They're caring, gentle, and professional and will work with you to decide the best treatment plan for you.

          Larry Lava
          January 25, 2023

          New patient and my first visit I was treated with much courtesy by all. Not only very Professional but also an easy relax atmosphere. Very satisfied with the work I had done.

          Michelle Sakalares
          January 18, 2023
          April Ortiz
          January 18, 2023

          Dr. and staff are wonderful and over the top customer service which is hard to find now a days. Best referral to move to this office I ever made.

          Angelica Rodriguez
          January 14, 2023

          Dr. Bob was very informative on what was needed for my teeth. The office staff was also very friendly.

          Janae Lesure
          January 12, 2023

          I give fox valley dental 5 stars a1 I went in there today with a request and they delivered the best service and my desire was granted I thank Dr.bob and his crew so much definitely recommend and will be continuing visit with fox valley dental!

          Rogelio Zepeda
          December 28, 2022
          Julia Tesmond
          December 27, 2022

          Everyone is very friendly and sensitive to their patients emotions!

          Deirdre Nash
          December 21, 2022

          Dr. Dokhanchi is a really great dentist and all of his staff are excellent. I had a number of procedures done there and they always make sure their work is done perfectly.

          Martin Swanson
          December 6, 2022

          Thank you for getting me in so quickly and fixing my broken tooth today. You and your nurses have always been so efficient and friendly to us for many years.

          Liseth Manzo
          December 2, 2022

          Dr. Bob is excellent! He listens to your concerns and makes sure your well taken care of.

          Sandy Marungo
          November 29, 2022

          Excelente, very happy with the work done and very clean place and people is very friendly, really recommend this place.

          Sue Untiedt
          November 21, 2022

          I have been seeing Dr. Dokhanchi since the 1990’s. He is an excellent dentist. Up to date with the latest technologies. Very gentle and concerned about his patients. Readily available if you have any issues. I highly recommend him.

          We appreciate the thorough and clear and warm care we always get from Dr. Bob, Jordan, and all the staff at Fox Valley Dental. We drive from far away because an excellent dentist is hard to find!

          Melissa Bueno
          October 18, 2022

          We love Dr. Bob and how well he takes care of me and my family. Not only is he a great dentist with QUALITY work but his staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. Everyone at the office makes you feel comfortable since the moment you walk in and makes sure you understand everything that’s going on. I would highly recommend Dr. Bob to any family member/close friend because I trust him and his work! You’ll never not know what’s going on with every visit you have here. Thank you so much Dr. Bob!!!

          October 15, 2022

          If you are looking for the best dental service in Aurora, IL, I would highly recommend Fox Valley Dental Care. They will review the status of your teeth and let you know what needs to be done. I totally trust their work.

          September 14, 2022

          Great establishment, very nice staff and so helpful. Always a great experience with my appointments. Wouldn't recommend anywhere else but here.

          Anna Sedberry
          August 11, 2022

          Excellent care from everyone from promptly greeting at the reception desk to continuity of excellent care throughout the entire visit. I was informed every step of my dental visit. I’ve recommended some people I know who are now patients of Dr. Bob. The office is state of the art and relaxed. Jordan as my Dental Hygienist is gentle, thorough, knowledgeable and exceeds my expectations on every visit. Love her!

          John Hussey
          July 25, 2022

          Dr. Bob Dokhanchi was very flexible and scheduled me the next day for a dental review for infection prior to orthopedic surgery. I was very pleased with the service, cost, and availability.

          Tom Theodore
          July 18, 2022

          I felt like I was in great hands with Dr Bob and staff.

          Eamon Nash
          July 16, 2022

          Fox Valley dental care is a great dentist office. Dr. Dokhanchi Keeps up on technology developments in the field [e.g. cutting edge x-ray and scanner machines and in-house crown making]. However what is more important is that he puts the interest of the patient first. He will recommend what is best for you and takes cost into account. You will not get upsold here. While it is a cliché, the guy is really passionate about dentistry and doing a really good job. I know folks from the city who have given up on fancy expensive dentists downtown and make the trek out to Aurora because they get better care out there.

          TJ Lafond
          July 11, 2022

          The staff and doctor found space for me after I had a crown pop off. I travel in my RV full time and it is difficult to find a dentist on the road. In less than 90 minutes I was all finished and my crown was cemented tightly. Highly recommend. Plus great office music!!!!

          People is very friendly and Dr Bob explains everything you need to know,"top shelf dentist office",very happy to be a patient.

          Krishna Winfrey
          June 27, 2022

          Dr. Bob and his staff are great! The care provided is thorough and high quality. They take care to explain options for your treatment.

          Bill Tarver
          June 22, 2022

          We've been clients for over 20 years. Everyone is treated like family. The staff is always friendly and patient with our questions. The staff help with our billing questions and work alongside our insurance to maximize our benefits. Dr. Bob is a professional, friendly and gentle dentist. He's great with people of all ages.

          Tighe Shaffer
          June 15, 2022
          Mickey 25
          April 28, 2022

          Super friendly and caring staff. Appointments are always as quick as possible while still being thorough. My family has been coming here for as long as I can remember and we haven't thought once about switching.

          Pat Walker
          April 27, 2022

          I have been going to Dr.Bob for about 15 years. I have nothing but praise for him,Jordan,and the rest of the staff. Everyone is friendly and personable,and make you feel at ease. Everything is explained well,and nothing is rushed. Highly recommended.

          Sadhana Hipp
          April 26, 2022

          Amazing staff. Great dentist. Went above and beyond to give me the right direction for making sure I keep a happy healthy smile!

          WIL TORRES
          April 22, 2022

          Nobody wants to se a dentist but Dr Bob try’s and makes it as comfortable as possible. My family has been with Fox Valley Dental for roughly 25 years and they’ve always taken good care of us.

          April 21, 2022
          Angel Cruz
          April 19, 2022

          Dr.Bob and his team are awesome! They are all well organized and professional! He’s been my dentist since I was kid! Dr.Bob and his team continue to do great work all the time!

          Katherine Swanson
          April 14, 2022

          Such a good guy and great dentist. Couldn't be happier. Not to be forgotten, Great staff. Professional, caring and very knowledgable!

          Barb LeClere
          April 12, 2022

          I am a big chicken when it comes to dental work. But not anymore. I always feel the staff, technicians, and Dr. Bob take great care of me. From the moment I walk in until I am leaving I feel at ease. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

          Marino Aquino
          April 12, 2022

          This place has such a personal touch makes you feel at ease. I finally found a dentist that I can relax.

          Spicy Cow
          April 7, 2022

          Unfortunately due to my own neglect I have seen Dr Bob much too often as a new patient in the last year. (:) However on each visit he makes you feel relaxed as well as his entire staff. He takes the extra time to explain options, pros, and cons, along with the costs associated with them. I would highly recommend him to anyone for their dental needs. Jeff Holmes

          Eileen Moran
          March 23, 2022

          Dr. Dokhanchi is a great dentist and all his staff are so nice to work with. His hygienists are top-notch. He is so conscientious about his work. I have never found a dentist so invested.

          Laura Klein
          March 16, 2022

          Dr Bob has been our dentist for many years. He has provided excellent care for our whole family.

          Joan Monterrubio
          March 1, 2022

          Excellent, thorough care and service delivered with very professional and friendly staff, from Dr Bob to the hygienist to the front desk. Best dental care out there!

          Michael Shevchuk
          February 23, 2022
          Christine McWethy
          February 15, 2022

          My experience with Fox Valley Dental Care was very positive. They do a very thorough job and explain everything that is going on. I Recommend them very highly.

          Jim G
          February 11, 2022

          Dr. Bob has the latest technology to ensure you don’t develop cavities. I had cavities before I went to see him and the two crowns he put in have lasted over ten years. I trust him and his team while my spouse wonders why I drive twenty miles for a dentist. They go over the best options for your health while giving you advice for your needs in regards to insurance co-pays. The hygienists are super kind and make your teeth shine. Lastly, the staff are courteous to your time and needs both in-person and on the phone.

          Lou Parker
          February 10, 2022

          I have been with this dentist for more than 12 years. He has and uses the latest technology to provide the best dental care imaginable. His staff is talented, friendly and outgoing, as is Dr. Bob himself. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

          M Patricia Cisneros
          February 9, 2022

          I love the place,the stuff it’s very efficient and the Doctor it’s very honest he made me realize how often you I forget to periodically visit the dentist so far it’s been a good experience,I totally recommend.

          Jas R.
          February 9, 2022

          The staff is very nice and very accommodating. I’ve been coming here for years. Can’t see myself switching to any other dental office.

          February 8, 2022

          Love Fox Valley Dental Care!! Dr. Dokhanchi and his staff are awesome. My cleaning was amazing. I went to Dr. Dokhanchi after avoiding a dentist for a couple of years and I’m so glad I found Dr. Dokhanchi and his team. He listened to my concerns and explained a treatment plan that made sense. He and his staff are amazing and very kind, never making me feel ashamed of avoiding the dentist. Since becoming his patient and getting my oral hygiene turned around he has also helped me get my diabetes under control by getting my oral health under control. I would highly recommend Fox Valley Dental Care. Thanks Dr. Bob!!

          James Herndon
          February 3, 2022

          I would recommend Fox Valley Dental since I have been a client from the time they started until now and have been satisfied with their service. My teeth are in great shape with their help.

          Jolisa Lopez
          February 2, 2022

          We love Dr. Bob & his team. They are professional, thorough in their explanations, very kind and friendly. The office is beautiful, organized and very clean. My family and I have been coming here for a few years now for all of our dental care. Our hygienist Jordan is the sweetest and she is amazing with kids. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Bob and his wonderful staff. They are our dental family for life and I recommend them to everyone.

          Ric Oropez
          February 1, 2022

          All the staff was very professional and treated me like family. They were caring and thoughtful by explaining everything to me about what was going to take place. The environment was pleasant and modern. Great place and great service. Highly recommended!! Kudos to my hygienist Jordan!

          Gina P
          January 16, 2022

          I've been going to Fox Valley Dental now for 18 years and Dr Bob and Jordan are the best, wouldn't go to any other dentist!!!

          Amber Sutphin
          January 13, 2022

          I love Dr Bob!! Luckily I was referred to him after an awful experience at one of those dentist franchises. Dr. Bob and his team are truly amazing! They make you feel welcome and always assure you everything is going to be ok. Your comfort is also their priority. Jasmin and Dr Bob will continuously check to make sure you're not feeling any pain and if you do, they stop immediately and take appropriate action to rectify the situation. They explain everything to you and answer all of your questions. There are no hidden fees and they aren't trying to sell BS services! Also, the woman in reception who handles insurance is wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and will tell you exactly what your insurance will cover and what you will be responsible for (if anything) BEFORE the work is done. If you're looking for a dentist I highly recommend Dr Bob and his team. You will NOT be disappointed!!

          Wendell Cross
          December 12, 2021

          My wife and I have been patients for 15+ years and have been quite happy with the professional and up-to-date care we have received. Doctor has a fine support staff that really care as much as he does. That care extends to the beautiful and Covid-conscious office and treatment area.

          Celina Ortiz
          August 22, 2021

          Bob and his team are extremely professional and friendly. My whole family and I trust them with our dental work and I refer all my loved ones here. They truly are the best!

          america torres
          August 21, 2021
          Joe Renteria
          August 5, 2021

          Great dentist office. My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Bob for over five years. They have top of the line equipment and a beautiful office. The staff is very friendly. My wife hates going to the dentist but Dr. Bob & Jordin make her visits very pleasant. She will not see anyone other than Jordin.

          Dakota Sheaffer
          July 31, 2021

          The dental staff and Dr. Bob are very efficient, thorough and kind! I feel very confident and I’m so happy I have found a great place to go for my dental care! So much appreciated and thank you so much to all of you!🥰

          Randi Mondell
          July 22, 2021

          I have been going to Dr. Bob for over 18 yrs.He treats me with kindness & respect.Dr.Bob explains any type of procedure in great detail & always offers options.He is extremely knowledgeable and offers state of the art equipment in his office.Very modern & clean. I also want to praise Jordan, who always allots extra time for cleaning my teeth, as I have sensitive gums & teeth.She is most gentle & always checking to see if I’m doing ok. Dr, Bob & his team make me feel like family. They are extremely professional and truly care about the well-being of their patients.

          Megan Lewis
          July 7, 2021

          Everyone is so friendly, I always have a great experience every time I come in.

          Veronica Quiroz
          July 7, 2021
          Rabah Hanieche
          June 8, 2021
          Monica Henley
          May 15, 2021

          Fox Valley Dental practice is exceptional. Dr. Bob is meticulous and expert in all his dental care. The office is highly equipped and adapted for the sanitation processes. I felt completely safe. All the staff if friendly and capable. I would highly recommend this practice for your dental needs. My family and I have been seeing Dr. Bob for over 30 years. Even my daughter takes her two year old child to him. He’s the best!!!

          Ruben S.
          May 13, 2021

          Never had a bad visit here or even wait more than a few minutes to be seen. Dr. Bob is pleasant, knowledgeable, and you can tell he cares about the well-being of his patients. Always a pleasure to see Jordan and the rest of the friendly staff as well. The office is easily located near a major intersection in a quiet business park. I've never even thought switching dentists and have referred others to Dr. Bob. Keep up the good work!

          Megan Karner
          May 13, 2021

          Dr. Bob and his staff are the best!!

          Steve Reinking
          May 12, 2021

          Dr. Bob is a techno genius. His clinic is full of the latest technologies known to exist. Software now that can point out problems from X-rays that might have been overlooked by the human eye. Not that anything gets past Dr. Bob, as he has alway been very thorough with attention to detail. His staff is as dedicated in doing their jobs in a friendly efficient atmosphere. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the boss. His foresight and concern for my health is only one reason I remain a loyal client.

          Olivia Ozdinec
          May 11, 2021

          My only complaint is that I didn't find this place sooner. Dr Bob and his staff do such a wonderful job at easing my anxieties that come with dental work. I feel like my smile is in the best hands!

          Shannon Wood
          April 29, 2021

          My family and I have been seeing Dr. Bob for nearly 20 years now. Dr. Bob and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, kind, thorough, and truly committed to providing all patients with the very best care. They answer any questions you have, make sure you're comfortable, and are willing to work with you to provide flexible payment options. I highly recommend Fox Valley Dental, and I can't ever imagine going anywhere else!

          April 1, 2021

          A fantastic professional dental crew! Everyone is very polite, caring and go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied. They treat you as if you are family. The facility and equipment is modern and the furniture is nice. Best place I have ever been to for dental care ~ Dr. Bob is awesome!!! Great place!!!

          Evan S.
          March 31, 2021

          Friendly, honest and professional.

          Laura Salinas
          March 30, 2021
          David Love
          March 12, 2021
          Ruben Diaz
          March 10, 2021
          Daniel Thompson
          March 9, 2021

          I highly recommend Fox Valley Dental Care. Dr. Bob and his entire staff do such an amazing job every single time. They’re all so friendly and welcoming! Such a clean office, they work around your schedule to get you in as soon as you need to and you know the job has been done correctly because Dr. Bob and his staff did it. I’ve been going here 10+ years and will never change dentist. Thank you Fox Valley Dental for all that you do and keep it up! P.S. I love all the updated technology that keeps getting added to the office because I know I’m getting my money’s worth for my teeth.

          Aries Stark
          March 1, 2018

          Update Saturday, August 20: I don't know how many years later? No more massage chair, but who cares. Dr. Bob has come a long way in getting the latest technology. Everytime I come in, there's the latest and greatest. Today I had a crown appointment and he found a deep hidden cavity. He took care of it then and there with the crown. I mean he keeps getting better at his craft. I still highly recommend. I added the 5th star today. They have a good flow/vibe going. Lovely office. It has a spa-like quality to it and impeccably clean. And they have massage chairs you can keep on during your dental work. Wot in tarnation? Pretty kewl. IMHO, I believe his work is amazing. And I've been to enough dentists to know this and keep coming back. He showed me my teeth before, during and after with a series of photos, which is great when you have a mouth full of problems. I was told to just sit and wait without checking-in as soon as I walked in. Not sure if they were having a bad day or what... But will update rating in the future if that improves.

          Cassie Love
          April 20, 2017

          Dr Bob and Jordin are awesome! We have been going there for years we recommend them highly Staff and Dr Bob always friendly and professional..office super clean and extr measures taken for safety 👌

          Delores Butler
          March 8, 2016

          I have been going to Dr Bob for years and never and I mean never had a bad experience. Dr Bob and Jordan are my favorite two ever. So here it is 2021 and I'm still with Dr Bob, he's the best dentist ever!!!! Although he has killed drinking coffee ☕, it has all been for the best. 😁

          Rory Sullivan
          September 19, 2011

          Great experience with this dentist. Going to him for years and no complaints. Honest and straight forward. My highest recommendation.

          Ann Ross
          September 6, 2011

          I saw Jordan, my longtime dental hygienist, and had an excellent cleaning and overall experience as always. Dr. Bob and team are terrific and truly care.